Section 5309 Annual Operational Expenditures ReportSection 5310 Annual Monitoring ReportALDOT Transit Reporting SystemThe ALDOT Transit Reporting System (ATRS) allows agencies that provide public transportation to file their periodic reports online. Reports that can be filed through ATRS are:Section 5309 Quarterly Report
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Section 5310 Purchased Transportation (5310-P) Reports Section 5310 Reports Section 5310 Quarterly Report Section 5309 Annual Monitoring Report Section 5310 Annual Operational Expenditures Report Registered users can file their periodic reports by logging into ATRS at the "Registered User Login" box on the left side of this page. Providers of public transportation who are not registered can register to use the ATRS program by contacting the ALDOT Modal Programs Bureau. Section 5311 Semi-Annual DBE Report Section 5311 Quarterly Report Section 5311 Reports Section 5310-P Annual Operational Expenditures Report Section 5310-P Semi-Annual DBE Report Section 5310-P Quarterly Report Section 5309 Reports Section 5311F Reports Section 5311F Quarterly Report Section 5311F Semi-Annual DBE Report Section 5316 Reports Section 5316 Quarterly Report Section 5316 Semi-Annual DBE Report Section 5311F Annual Monitoring Report Section 5311F Annual Operational Expenditures Report Section 5317 Reports Section 5317 Quarterly Report Section 5317 Annual Monitoring Report Section 5317 Annual Operational Expenditures Report Section 5317 Semi-Annual DBE Report